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ArtPrize Tonight Offers Film, Music, Theatre and More, Late Into the Evening Hours of ArtPrize Seven

By Emma Higgins on

Open to all, this new programming will captivate audiences in a different way by highlighting events happening beyond venue hours, offering additional perks to ArtPrize badgeholders, and encouraging downtown visitors to keep ArtPrizing after dark.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. August 27, 2015 – ArtPrize, the radically open, international art competition decided by public vote and expert jury today announced that ArtPrize Tonight will bring evening programming to the center stage at ArtPrize…

Meet The Jurors: Justine Ludwig

By Emma Higgins on

Justine Ludwig, ArtPrize Seven Juror and Curator at Dallas Contemporary talked with ArtPrize's Exhibitions Director, Kevin Buist about the Dallas art scene, living in Texas and how global…

Biking at ArtPrize Seven

By Emma Higgins on

ArtPrize loves innovation, especially when it encourages an eco-friendly and affordable approach to how we travel. This year ArtPrize has forged a partnership with Spokefly, a slick new…

Explore the ArtPrize Seven Pathways

By Jaenell Woods on

Returning for ArtPrize Seven as part of our alternative transportation solutions are the ArtPrize Pathways. Nearly 10 miles of Pathways will serve as a canvas for the color experts at X-Rite…

Take the Bus to ArtPrize Seven

By Bella Goodsir on

Should I take the bus to ArtPrize? 

Why yes, you most definitely should. Spending $5 will get you anywhere in the city and will help make your visit to ArtPrize easy and stress free. For…

The Art of Play

By Becca Guyette on

The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum celebrates the art of play and promotes learning through interactive, hands-on environments and programs. We are excited to partner with their fun and…

Designing History

By Becca Guyette on

The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM), a long time ArtPrize Education Days partner, is launching an exciting educational initiative, marking a new chapter in the history of their organization…