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With large crowds, 170 venues, and a three-square mile event to cover—parking downtown during ArtPrize can seem overwhelming. However, with over 20,000 places to park in Downtown Grand Rapids, finding the perfect parking spot is a breeze.

There are a wealth of tools available to help you locate a parking lot or garage near where you'd like to kick off your ArtPrize Eight adventure.

ArtPrize Interactive Map

Check out our web-based interactive map to find a parking space near you—just click the 'Parking' button at the top to reveal your options. There you'll be able to locate and preview the 170 ArtPrize Eight Venues, check out the Silver Line route around downtown, and find the nearest ArtPrize visitor service locations—including our new Neighborhood HUBs.

ArtPrize Mobile App

Don't miss the interactive map on our mobile app (free for iOS and Android devices) which alows you to find ArtPrize Venues that offer free public parking. Beyond parking, with the ArtPrize mobile app, you'll stay in-the-know of the latest ArtPrize announcements, updates, and the ArtPrize Daily blog—all in the palm of your hand. You'll be able to track the artist entries you most want to see by creating lists before, during, and after your visit—as well as see what’s happening around you on-the-fly, and plan ahead for the next big event. 

Parking Options by Neighborhood

No matter where you start your visit to ArtPrize, you're never far from the perfect parking spot. If the tools above didn't convince you, we did a little digging into the available options in each downtown neighborhood to highlight three great choices. The maps below don't represent an exhaustive list, but rather a great place to start.



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