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Victoria Bayagich

Detroit, MI, United States

Victoria Bayagich holds a B.F.A. from The College for Creative Studies and is a resident creator with The SCHOOL of THOUGHT Project and Detroit Poetry Society and Co-creator of Sketchers Anonymous. Victoria practices traditional painting techniques while investigating different avenues of composition, color, and content. Led by wit and influenced by graphics, she considers eclectic ways to portray structures within a space. "As an artist and teacher, I believe there are three key ingredients necessary to make a successful image: composition, color, and content. This avowal stems from my love of the Golden Ratio, Impressionism, and Conceptual Art, and I strive to create work that is a reflection of that belief. As an investigative and systematic being I produce work in series. The variables and possibilities one idea holds and finding where little truths may lie are endless, which results in entire exhibitions worth of work. When constructing an idea, I give myself a set of guidelines—keywords like isolation, construction, work, or American idioms—to follow. As I collect imagery I allow myself to be swayed in different directions, bringing forth a controlled movement of visual exploration while leaving plenty of room to play. Inspiration comes from the simplest of moments I capture as theatrical-like stills. The result often borders wit and satire."

Victoria's ArtPrize Entries

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