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Tom Howing

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I’m a local artist and resident of Grand Rapids. I graduated from Calvin College with a BFA in Art. This will be my first entry in Artprize. Unfortunately I was diagnosed in March of 2015 with late stage cancer. Due to the outstanding care givers locally I continue my battle with this disease. My youngest son Matthew has inspired the creation of images and symbolism of his vision through the eyes of someone with autism. This work of art has truly been a labor of love and provides a glimpse or insights on how people with ASD see and translate the visual and audio cues of their environment. The work would been possible without the creative support from our friend and collaborator- Tony Boisvert. Our hope is that you take away even a small glimpse inside of Matthew’s view. Best Regards, Tom Howing, Matthew Howing, and Tony Boisvert

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    Matthew’s View

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Tom Howing
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