Photo of Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

Cleveland, OH, United States

I studied painting with Charles McGee who founded Gallery 7, once located in the Fisher Building , in downtown Detroit, and also at the Art Students League, on 57th St in New York City, who bought a painting of mine for their Permanent Collection and through them I received a Grant from the Revson Corporation. I am inspired by Venetian Painting and, also, by The Blues and by Jazz. a Favorite quote is "Who are those artists who say they've arrived while I labor for years over an inch"-Degas. 06/12/27-oh! grand rapids! looking at the examples from the various venues. so exciting. I may have to re-think it for next year. visit all the spots. I've only been to grand rapids once when I was less than ten. While in john ball park I tried to cut through a clearing of a very tall hill to connect back with my parents and my legs started going so fast I couldn't stop. afraid to hit a tree I dived forward to stop. lucky I only got a few burrs on my pants.

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