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Thin Air Studio

Built in Munich, Germany as part of BUGA 2005. Thin Air Studio was invited by the Munich Park Board via the Sister Cities Association. All materials were sourced locally. The installation, under the design and ultimately the manpower of Thin Air Studio, was built to accessible conditions that matched site qualities and requirements.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 24'
  • Medium: Found Driftwood, Twisted Polypropylene Rope
  • Width: 52'
  • Year created: 2005
  • Height: 18'

About Thin Air Studio

Transform! The location is the inspiration. Specific local inexpensive materials will be used. On-site collaboration, enthusiastic help, and transportation will be the most important ingredients to resource. The lasting friendships and memories of our projects have been based around not only the final visual experience, but more so the way in which the project came into being. Thin Air Studio, a collaborative of Cincinnati Sculptors, has been creating unique sculptural installations since 2002. From its inception, Thin Air Studio has strived to create installations constructed primarily of organic materials that produce massive structures with intimate human-sized spaces of discovery and contemplation. Locally sourced driftwood of only the strongest quality will be collected. UnManila twisted polypropylene rope will be used to assemble, shore up and reinforce all the wooden pieces tied together for its month-long stay. Main structural columns are tree trunks and limbs which are normally dug in below the frost line. All additional wooden elements are anchored into the main wooden supports and as allowed elsewhere on-site. If required, metal boots shall connect the base of the main wooden verticals to any concrete pad to allow the piece to be self-supporting and expand upward. The structure will be built upon and around the footprint of the sculpture [pad] location as well as the nature of the surrounding area. It will change in detail based upon the found materials that are assembled. In an effort to further involve the public, and to educate children of all ages about the amazing experiences available outdoors, Thin Air Studio seeks out volunteers and school organizations to participate in the creation of each new work. At the core of Thin Air Studio’s philosophy is the intention to preserve and enhance any opportunity for people to interact with the natural world. We are interested in creating multi-sensory experiences that provide moments of respite from the pace and distractions of urban-centric environments. The unique physical [yet equally mental] path that someone walks through any of our works by foot or by witnessing the work from afar allows a slow shift in normal comparisons. Thin Air Studio promotes this shift in perception by allowing patrons to re-contemplate their surroundings. We present an interruption of a familiar space with contrasting, yet common and humble materials assembled into striking form and posture. We hope this soft jarring will inspire all visitors as they take away renewed focus and clarity. “Community, riverfront clean up, outdoor education, hard work” put all together yields a “sculptural marvel.” These are honest descriptive buzzwords. Human-made materials, local foliage, and pedestrians with curiosity are the components we can capitalize upon. We look forward to making “an everything” from nearly nothing. Thank you for your time, energy and consideration