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Terry Gill

Stow, Ohio, United States

Ever since I was a child, I have been drawing and painting. After high school I attended Kendall School of Design. I left to pursue a career in Culinary Arts. After 20 years in kitchens and cities from Michigan to the US Virgin Islands, I finally decided to leave the culinary world and devote time to my family. Since I had some free time I started to draw and paint again. I told myself that I would only do images that I found appealing and interesting. Since some of my interests were fishing and Formula 1 auto racing I explored these non traditional subjects for compositions and light effects that highlighted movement and environment. When it was possible I would attend Art Shows and Art events in the Allegan County area, exhibiting new works at the Allegan County fair, where I was honored to be awarded many ribbons. When Art Prize first started many of my coworkers and friends wondered why I did not enter. I had no good answer, so I finally did in 2011 and am back this year.

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