Photo of Team: Five for Michigan Linda Kristensen

Team: Five for Michigan Linda Kristensen

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States

We are five women concerned about how the districts in Michigan have been gerrymandered for many years. Last year some of us worked on the Voters Not Politicians initiative. Now we are trying to educate Michiganders about gerrymandering and hopefully make that practice obsolete. The ballot proposal would establish an Independent Redistricting Committee that would take the politics out of our voting boundaries. Our quilt started from a map of the 14 U.S. Representative districts enlarged from a 3" x 3" size to an 8' x 8' size. Then each district & each Lake was traced for patterns and colors were determined. Each woman on the team was given some districts and lakes to quilt. The pieces were brought together, cut to the shape and sewn together. One team member quilted the grey background. We started in January and our quilt was completed by April. Our quilt is a visual representation of MICHIGAN GERRYMANDERED. We have also included the four Great Lakes that border Michigan. Please note that Lake Erie is "green" to show the "algae bloom" due to pollution from industrial run-off into the lake.

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