Photo of Tanya Ragir

Tanya Ragir

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Artist Statement - My work explores the interiors of form. I deconstruct the body to go beyond the limitations of figure-as-nude. My forms and work are deeply influenced by Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Weston. Much of my work is inspired by the sensual relationship between landform and feminine human form. By framing details of the figure, as if through a lens, changing the scale, I can have both an intimate relationship to form as well as a separation from it’s human reference. I sculpt in clay an then my pieces are fired or cast. My life and my work are about overcoming limitations. Some are cultural, some political, some sexual - many are self-imposed. I embrace the gravitas, the depth and breadth of the beauty of women, which is limitless. Growing up a dancer and being a woman, informs everything I do as a sculptor. Movement and form are my language and vocabulary.

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