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Susan DuBay

Howard City, MI, United States

I am a self taught artist who has been painting using a variety of media for about 20 Years. My original artprize piece for this year is still an unfinished project. I kept getting distracted by a piece of plywood my husband had in the yard. So I drug it in the house and cleaned it up. Used layer after layer of washes that took on their own story. The more I let the wood tell it's story the more it had to tell me until I had four pieces of plywood that I rescued from my husband's pole barn. I had nowhere to work on my piece with the weather so cold for so long so the kitchen is where I set up shop. This project is different than any I have done before. The more I tried to give my piece direction the more problems came up. When I just let go the piece rolled right along. Ideas would come to me with every layer of wash I put down. I paint to express what I can't put into words. I find it almost impossible to put what I feel into words so I pour it out onto walls, canvas, old doors, windows or anything that will hold still long enough to put paint on. According to my children I have been painting as long as they can remember. With my my love of watching something grow...whether a painting, seven children, nine grandchildren and countless gardens I found painting went to the core of me. With painting it's watching a story, a feeling or an image grow and change into what it's fated to be. Even when it starts as a little niggle at the base of my soul and out through my fingers barely resembling the original shape it is still me, recognizable as an extension of myself, my feelings and my art. I think painting may give me a sense of control and power over my life which every woman can relate to in all walks of life.

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