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Steve Zobro

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I enjoy Life! A few months ago I left a good sales job to follow my dreams! I believe my life's purpose is to create products and services that enrich the lives of others, that create positive memories. Born and raised in Grand Rapids. Ultimate goal is to get too heaven, when my time is up in this Physical world we live in. I am a daily dreamer! Just working daily to make some of those dreams a reality! I Try to start my day on my knees in mediation and reading book of proverbs every morning. My day seems to go by smoother that way.. It also helps my creative mind come up with new ideas! I am Just an ordinary guy trying to be saved by God's grace. Graduated from GVSU with a BS degree, because I thought at the time, you needed that to be successful. Favorite school has been Santa Clause School! Grateful for the Rich and Helen Devos Entrepreneur school at GVSU though. Enjoy getting advice at GVSU entrepreneur school on Launching United Beach Sports as well as receiving a little guidance in expanding West Michigan Winter Wonder Worker. Aka Smart Santa brand, with our super creative services and products we offer! We make more memories then money up to this point. Enjoy reading. 3 books that have impacted my life's direction the most are the Bible, Compassionate Capitalism, 10 powerful phrases for Positive people. I plan on creating and writing personalized children's books within the next year. With art work and content focusing on the Holiday season! Very excited to display my artprize 10 piece with Burger King during Artprize 10 this year!

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    Art Prize MIRACLE Prize

    2018 ArtPrize Entry CO- Creators, Bridging the divide between your physical world and spiritual world
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