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Steve Willison

Lakeview, MI, United States

I reckon we're supposed to write some things about ourselves here. How about I post a light-hearted poem that I recently wrote for a friend! I call it.... "O’Possum".............. Opossum walks on hairless toe, cross cold hard ground where lay the snow. She hearkens spring with toothy grin, her aimless track, she finds no kin. Her slumber broken, it’s time she wakes, her sagging skin, it shines opaque. She craves warm flesh, but there is no vary in, a steady repast of cold, dead carrion. In warmer times she preens her hair, in fallen leaves, warm autumn air. In comfort nest she tucks her head, a solemn sense what lies ahead. November skies, they soon will wail, but as for now she keeps her tail. Four months will pass, in moonless dark, her beat will slow, embraced in bark. But chill will creep inside her lair, her sole defense, a sparse grey hair. At spring she sighs a forlorn wail, "Who'll love me now, with half a tail? Who doubts the chill, a lost percentage? Pink flesh exposed, so long appendage! Cross springtime wood, wafts curious smell, a faster pace her heart may quell. Through leaf and green and dense dark thicket, she keeps her head but can’t help think it. And then in shaded glen they meet, o’er eon’s time, it be complete. He has been searching, without fail, for a little girl possum, with half a tail. We shall not harm her; she’s antediluvial, our only harmless, North American marsupial.

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