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Photo of Skylar Korf

Skylar Korf

Jenison, MI, United States

Born and raised in Jenison, MI, but I'm not your average kid. Graduate of Jenison High School and recent ex-barista for Starbucks, I was also in the Printing & Graphic Arts class at Careerline Tech Center in Holland. I started drawing in elementary school, and soon realized that art would be a major factor for the rest of life. Along with art playing a substantial role, music is just as important to me. Whether it's composing, performing or simply listening to it. I always try to create my art in a way that you can 'hear' it or travel within it. Keeping art to myself for the most part, I was heavily involved with music, marching baritone and mellophone for four years with the Jenison High School marching band and two years on cymbals with Genesis Percussion. I started composing my own music in my little free time about sophomore year. Starting at a very young age, I found myself highly addicted to coffee. Not to mention since I started my employment at Starbucks, I became very nit-picky as to how my drinks are made with my new knowledge for the trade. Not being able to completely fulfill my creative void with just music and art, I picked up skating/longboarding a few years ago as well. I became highly fascinated with the dancing and freestyle aspect of the sport, and now spend my summers shredding the pavement. When I started this piece in early 2015, I had just begun my personal journey through my mind and the neverland to find my true self and inner peace. Still on the way there, I find myself trying to spread this idea. Not the literal findings themselves, but trying to spread the experience for others to get lost and relocate. In an attempt to merge some of my favourite things (space, art, adventre and music), Lateralus was born. Lateralus is, in it's simplicity, a black hole. The twisting motion is to replicate that of a black hole, and make you feel as if your floating in nothingness, and get you to seperate from your physical body and get lost in your mind. The pure contrast of just black and white is to delete distraction and make your brain work harder to visualize the colours that aren't there, and help you see your journey inside your mind.

Skylar's ArtPrize Entries

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