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Photo of Scott Wettlaufer

Scott Wettlaufer

South Lyon, MI, United States

I am a calligrapher, abstract painter and printmaker. I have been practicing calligraphy (35 years), watercolor/acrylic (10 years), and printmaking (5 years), in search of that perfect letter form or the perfect combination of image and letter. I have pursued the continual development of new ideas and concepts using such mediums as watercolor, acrylic, wood cuts and hand-made papers and have tried to make my work far more than writing on a piece of paper, but unique artworks of distinction. “My interest in calligraphy is primarily an interest in the visual communication of handwritten marks in conjunction with imagery. I believe in writing by hand as a powerful means of expression and see the act of writing as an act of marking our existence. In my teachings I always consider the history of letter forms and the learning of its shapes, as important as the personal handwriting and the gestural marks that everyone desires to make when holding a pen."

Scott's ArtPrize Entries

These are Scott's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.