Photo of Ruben Llano

Ruben Llano

New Era, MI, United States

Trained by master artists in Colombia, Ruben became a stone carver at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City in 1991, and the Carnegie Mellom University in Pittsburgh Pa. After working on original pieces and restorations for cathedrals, universities, and public buildings around the country for several years, Llano set up a permanent studio in New Era, Michigan, hometown of his wife Rebecca. There he continues to create larger-than-life paintings stone wood masterpieces, hand-carved , and other commissioned works. A devoted father of six, he also takes pride in passing his craft down to his childrens.

Ruben's ArtPrize Entries

These are Ruben's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of True Love - Elephant

    True Love - Elephant

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Ruben Llano
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  • Photo of Breaking the Ice of Solittude

    Breaking the Ice of Solittude

    2011 ArtPrize Entry Ruben Llano
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