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Photo of Rodney Denne

Rodney Denne

Pontiac, MI, United States

Rodney Denne’s densely filled paintings are buzzing with stories, messages, illustrations and symbols. Paintings within paintings, he'll spend hours on a mere puzzle piece to a bigger vision. Denne deliberately adds distractions to his imagery. Cars, shapes, nature, robotics, and human body parts are strategically placed. He incorporates shapes to symbolize grounding, text for communication and strong colors. Rodney Denne’s interest in art began while he was in the Air Force. After spending time in the military, he was mentored under artist Bob Jacobson, and has been painting ever since. "I am nature; a part of all things. I feel my art must come from within. I am also a product of urban and suburban environments, and try to capture that feeling in my paintings. I think of my life and art within the realm of alchemy, using all base metals of my life foundation and structure, and turning them into beauty, gold, something of value that can be appreciated and cherished by others. I use many colors, while also being drawn to black and white. I feel the absence of color is color. I paint because I have to. It is in me, it is alive and must be reconciled and fulfilled". Rodney Denne's artwork has been featured with; -The Kresge Foundation Headquarters, Troy, MI -LaFontsee Galleries, Douglas, MI -Detroit Artists Market (DAM), Detroit, MI -Danielle Peleg Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI -Franklin Barry Gallery, Indianapolis, IN -Studio Visit Magazine / Volume 26 and Volume 28 -Detroit Metro Times article "When Things, People and Oil Sticks Collide", Aug 2014

Rodney's ArtPrize Entries

These are Rodney's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of Machines of Loving Grace

    Machines of Loving Grace

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Rodney Denne
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