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Ricardo de Sousa Costa

Chicago, IL, United States

Hello. My Name is Ricardo de Sousa Costa, I was born and raised near Johannesburg, South Africa. I immigrated to America with my family. America has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Here, I have been able to pursue my love, Art. I am forever grateful for the family, friends, and opportunities I have been given. My life has been comprised of opposites. Much of my time has been spent investigating the opposites of life, in my own and in the lives of those who I meet. My art is another venue through which I look at the opposites of life, of history, of justice, of judgement, and of reason. In a world of so many colors and perspectives, i find my self dizzy with so much to learn and so much to take in, I hope to give back. I hope to share. I hope to do good. With my life, and with my art. Thank You. R. de Sousa Costa

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    How It Will Be Told Soweto State of Mind

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Ricardo de Sousa Costa
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