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Rafael .

London, UK, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Rafael Irimie, I’m an artist and I was born in Oradea, a little city in Romania. At the age of four I moved to Rome with my family and I have now been living and working in London for the past two years. I’ve been engaging with creativity since an early age, and the influence of my grandmother played a big role in this, The flame she sparked kept burning throughout all my studies in Italy where my passion and interest for drawing and creating became not only an important part of my education but also of my identity, to the point that I found myself selling art assignments to my fellow students at high school, giving me not only a sense of validation but also new motivation to engage and explore art and creativity even further. With art in general, I've always been more interested in the technical aspect of it rather than the conceptual one, in fact it was only once I was accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, that I was properly introduced to the canon of Art History. And three years later, once I graduated and with a much clearer idea of what art and being an artist was, I started working on several different projects including my online presence, reaching more than 8 thousand followers on Instagram, enabling my art to find space in various group exhibitions and private collections around the US, Russia, and the UK. At this stage I needed fresh stimulation, I wanted to be in the middle of the action and since as a creative I believe that the best outcome comes from a situation of discomfort, the thing I needed more than anything else was distance from the comfort that home provided. So this is how and why I moved to London. Now my life is all about supporting my art, I’m currently working a side-job that I hate just to pay for canvases and rent, and yes it's stressful and unbearable at times but it's had a hugely transformative impact on my work and practice achieving exactly what I set out to do.

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