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Photo of Rachel Britton

Rachel Britton

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Rachel Britton (they/them) is a nonbinary photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born with an identical twin and fraternal triplet, Britton references their relationship with multiplicity by building composite images and repeating elements in their photographs. Switching places with their identical twin in their youth was the catalyst to their fascination with disguises and alternate universes. Britton combines their interests in sewing, trombone, drag makeup, and BDSM to document the realms of their identity through the photographic process. Britton graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in photography from Grand Valley State University. Britton’s work was featured in Billboard, Horrid, Broccoli, and Paraphilia Magazine with a forthcoming contribution in Photodarium Private 2022. Britton has received awards from N.Y. Photo Curator, American Advertising Awards, and Photographer’s Forum Magazine. View more of Britton’s work on Instagram @racbripho and rachelbrittonphoto.com.

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