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Alone | Among

progressive | ae

[ ] With "alone | among" we propose a place for outdoor work and collaboration. It is a semi-enclosed space for use by individuals and small groups that embraces the flexibility of contemporary tools for working while suggesting that today’s digital worker might also take advantage of the light, air, views, and social interaction that come only with the outdoors and with being a part of an urban public space. [ ] Our project is inspired by its specific site but is intended to be a prototype for a structure that might be built and used in a variety of locations. It grows also from our previous ArtPrize projects "d.ploi" (2009) and "pique" (2010) that both explore the experience of urban living. [ ] We would like to thank our partners on this project: Metro Engineering (metroengineering.net) Fabrication Support; Midwest Sign (midwestsignco.com) Signage & Materials; Elio Lighting (elio-itc.com) and West Michigan Lighting (westmichiganlighting.com) LED lighting.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 7'8
  • Medium: Plywood, LED Lighting
  • Width: 9'8
  • Year created: 2014
  • Height: 7'8

About progressive | ae

As architects and designers, we seek to grow from the processes of design, prototype, fabrication and installation to transform space for the physical, social, psychological and emotional benefit of our community. Our creative passion and desire to transform spatial experience have compelled us to participate in ArtPrize in the past and again this year.