PO (Art)Box

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Small Post Office Boxes will make up this official venue located at the United States Postal Service - Ledyard Station, 120 Monroe Center NW. PO (Art)Box is specializing in small artwork since scale is often a majority factor in ArtPrize entries. Curator Sierra Cole says, "We all know that ArtPrize is about having a conversation about art, we just feel that most of the time that conversation revolves around large scale works of art. We want to flip that conversation and talk about how small works of art are just as viable as large scale works. They are just as challenging, time consuming, and complex as their large counterparts." PO (Art)Box will be viewable from a custom made outdoor mailbox bank that will be located just outside the Ledyard Post Office.

Visitor Amenities
  • Free Public Restrooms: No
  • Free Public Parking: No
  • Physically Accessible: Yes