Pitch Night

What would you bring to ArtPrize with a $5,000 grant?

ArtPrize Pitch Night is expanding in 2017 to include events in six cities across the country, awarding $5,000 and a guaranteed spot in a high-profile venue to an artist at each event. Scroll down to learn more.

What is Pitch Night?

ArtPrize launched Pitch Night in 2013 as a means of discovering exciting, ambitious projects across the country, and to help overcome the barriers that out-of-state artists can face when bringing them to the annual event.

2017 Pitch Night events -- held in partnership with 21c Museum Hotels, Delta Air Lines and Experience Grand Rapids -- will take place in six cities across the country this spring. Check out the event dates and locations on the timeline to the right.

Following an open call for proposals, five artists will be invited to present at each event and given five minutes to pitch their installation ideas for ArtPrize Nine to a panel of local art experts. The winning artists will each receive a $5,000 grant and a guaranteed spot on a highly trafficked ArtPrize Nine Venue this fall.

In 2016, the ArtPrize Eight Grand Prize Jurors awarded the $200,000 Juried Grand Prize, presented by Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, to the interactive performance and installation titled The Bureau of Personal Belonging by Stacey Kirby, winner of last year’s Pitch Night Durham event.

“Artists should feel empowered to use their work to manifest change through conversation and connection,” said Kirby. “ArtPrize definitely offers such a platform, and the 5,000 visitors that came through The Bureau experienced the product of ArtPrize's commitment to openly supporting all artists.”

Do you live in or near one of the cities listed above? Find out how you can participate.

Important Dates

  • Pitch Night Louisville
  • Pitch Night Durham
  • Pitch Night Bentonville
  • Pitch Night Detroit
  • Pitch Night New Orleans
  • Pitch Night Indianapolis
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