Photo of Piper Adonya Fields

Piper Adonya Fields

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

To me art is a universal language. Like a smile – art is not bound by language or even cultural barriers – it needs no translation to the passionate viewer. I love that it can make you want to laugh and cry. It can piss you off and encourage you. It is an influencer, a microphone, a conduit of passion, energy, and power. I love that it can mean 100 different things to 100 different people. Art is its own language that everyone seems to speak. I have works in oil, watercolor, pencil, Prismacolor pencil, mixed media, and digitally (using Wacom Cintiq). This last year I started experimenting with gold leaf…and I cannot stop. Gold leaf adds a timeless quality and richness to mixed media works. Before I begin a piece I think first about the emotion that I want it to convey then I rely on line work, medium, and color choice to finish telling the story. I love color. Color alone can tell a story. Color creates mood, sets the tone, and can change the entire implication of a photograph, illustration, or scene. I have always been in love with illustration, design, animation, and film. Since I was a kid I have wanted to be a Disney Pixar animator. I am working towards my BFA in Digital Media at Kendall College of Art and Design so I can fulfill my dream of being a concept artist – entering the exciting world of character design, storyboarding, and screenwriting. Media shapes how we see ourselves and how we see others. There is a glaring lack of diversity and strong female roles in movies. From my personal life experiences, I know that young girls need to see competent, diverse, strong (not sexualized), and intelligent women in places of leadership and power instead of the cliché damsels in distress commonly portrayed in Hollywood. One of my goals is to create characters and stories with female heroes of all races. As artists, we have an opportunity to positively influence and challenge culture in a dramatic way. While words may immediately offend someone, art has the ability to woo her viewer before they realize they are being challenged and positively influenced her. // Piper lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her family who daily inspire fresh creative adventures.

Piper Adonya's ArtPrize Entries

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