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Photo of Paul Cassidy

Paul Cassidy

Eyota, MN, United States

Paul Cassidy grew up in Southeastern Minnesota and runs his own excavating business. About ten years ago he began to collect scrap metal and old equipment that would otherwise be demolished and discarded believing that they still had a useful life. When his son wanted to learn how to weld; he turned to his collection of scrap and created his first piece, a dragon gate sculpture – which set the stage for what has become his passion of transforming pieces of metal into works of art. He has an innate ability to visualize how the different textures, colors and shapes of scrap metals can be transformed into one of kind sculptures. His first entry to ArtPrize, "Scrappy Dick,” placed in the top 25. In May of 2014 one of his new sculptures won a local art contest and is now on permanent display in his hometown of Rochester. Paul continues to transform the ordinary into unique pieces of art that will stand the test of time and elements for years to come.

Paul's ArtPrize Entries

These are Paul's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.