Photo of Nicole Nigh Hondros

Nicole Nigh Hondros

Crown Point, IN, United States

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved art. To this day, I can’t decide on just one art medium; I enjoy it all and am constantly pushing myself to try something new (painting, sewing, ceramics, wood carving, etc). As an artist, musician, and Beatles fan, I do have a favorite subject. Music and the Beatles in particular often inspire my work. At home, my living room has become a museum of sorts. Guests to my home often suggest I make my art more visible to the outside world. This “Words of Revolver” piece will be my first effort to do this. The “Words of Revolver” artwork was meticulously created in pen and ink over the course of more than 800 hours. Art Prize is the first showing of Words of Revolver outside of Beatle conventions.

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  • Photo of Words of Revolver

    Words of Revolver

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Nicole Nigh Hondros
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