Photo of Nick Jakubiak

Nick Jakubiak

Battle Creek, Michigan, United States

NICK JAKUBIAK Old Tired Crow is a sculpture that steps aslant from my usual venue. I generally paint oil on canvas. I dab the subject to life rather than stroke it softly. My paintings are realistic situations soulfully reinterpreted with allegorical components reflective of the environmental dings, rust and weathered, rustic abuse of nature. I am stimulated by the collective clamor of life as it sings, whispers, hums and shrieks in my inquisitive ear. The ting and slam of metal on metal, the whine of wood rubbing raw the rubber tires looped about working, rotting piers awash, a forest of pilings swaying with the surge of river and harbor tides. Obtusely, I hear, smell and enslave the character of my work while walking and gauging the berth and rhythm of the painting’s neighborhood. I talk with sailors, drunks, clowns and thieves, drink coffee with them, smoke cigarettes on splintered park benches and milk crates while the day rushes past

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  • Photo of Old Tired Crow

    Old Tired Crow

    2012 ArtPrize Entry Nick Jakubiak
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  • Nick's past work