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Photo of Nicholas Bromley

Nicholas Bromley

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

I was born and raised in Austin, TX, a city rich in the arts that provided a playground for exploration with my mother, father, and sister. My dad grew up in farm country around Kalamazoo. My mom grew up outside of Grand Rapids. From my dad I inherited a love of science, engineering, and photography. From my mother I learned how to observe the natural world and represent its beauty in drawings and paintings. My parents taught me how to explore the world and seek out novelty in every nook and cranny. From them both I learned that the best way to explore the world around me is to open the door and step outside, preferably with a camera at my side. I don't take pictures every time I go wandering about West Michigan or the other places I've lived and traveled, but I do view the world in terms of framing and composition. Though I am not a professional photographer, photography has taught me how to see, even when I'm not taking pictures. It has revealed to me the infinite ways light can play on an ocean or an inland lake large enough to be an ocean, and the way that light can differ in a surreal way depending on if it comes from the sun, from the moon reflecting the sun, or from human-made sources. Photography has shown me how to look for the beautiful and the unusual at scales large and small. Perhaps most importantly, it has given me an opportunity to share what I see and to participate in other people's visions of the world we inhabit.

Nicholas's ArtPrize Entries

These are Nicholas's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of The Flood

    The Flood

    2021 ArtPrize Entry Nicholas Bromley
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  • Photo of West Michigan Through a Southern Lens

    West Michigan Through a Southern Lens

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Nicholas Bromley
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