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Newton Rocha

Natal, RN, Brazil

I started my artistic life as a self-taught painter in 1985. Since then I've experienced almost every medium on almost every support hunting my own formula. In the mid-nineties I tried three-dimensional material, so I went through a stage experimenting assemblage collage using found objects and or others that is no longer in use such as coconut fiber, tree bark, sand, nails, caps, wires, falling leaves, in other words, anything I could give another meaning. I named this technique "Reciclarte", literally Recycle Art. From Recycle Art I evolved to another stage, also a collage, called "Entrelinhas" which means implied sense or literally, Interlineations. Interlineation is the result of all my experiments and researches I've made in my artistic life. By gluing strings to delineate implied sense figures I realized that the strings give me the freedom to create subconsciously. In doing so, I noticed that the strings solve the big issue known as blank canvas by themselves because each figure gets its own space in its self-creation resulting in an interesting game of interpretations by viewers, whether in the same or a different angle. When I get an amount of strings to apply on the canvas It's as if the design was already in that tangle of strings in my hand and I feel like I have lots of pencils at the same time. Strings allow me to set the line free and the result is pure and true. Achievements and Activities 2016- Hired by Brazil's Ministry of Culture as Paracerista on Feb. 11. 2016- Selected in the final classification list by the Brazil's Ministry of the Culture in the Brazilian Federal Register on Feb. 02, as Parecerista From 2014 to 2015- On September 25, 2014, Brazil's Ministry of Culture opened registration for artists from all over Brazil to be part of the panel of judges of the Ministry of Culture for cultural projects supported by Rouanet Law. After a long time selection among all artists from Brazil who signed up, Newton Rocha was selected and his name came out in the Brazilian Federal Register on August 19, 2015. The Rouanet Law gives access to sponsorship for cultural projects and the role of the panel of judges is to approve or disapprove these projects of their peers who apply it for. From 2010 to 2011- opened his own Gallery space called "Nagula" in his hometown, where he lead workshops and has a permanent exhibition of his works and is available to show other artists works. From 2008 TO 2009- Returned home after a great journey in USA. Realized that number of Galleries is decreased, so he started a project to open his own Gallery space. He spent 2 years in painting and developing his venture project which culminate in 2010 in "Nagula". From 2002 to 2007- 9 Solo Exhibitions, 7 Group Exhibitions and 7 art workshops during his 5 years stay in USA. From July 2002 to Jan. 2003- In Hawaii, he started a movement among the Brazilian art community which culminate in the first Brazilian contemporary art show sponsored by Honolulu mayor's office of culture and the arts, Granted by the Executive Director, Sir Peter Radulovic. He also was presented by Houge Gallery and held a Solo exhibition at Coffee Factory and participated in the Erotic Art Multimedia events "Tea and Eros" at Tea and Eros Cultural area represented by Cecilia Grindley. From Feb. 2003 to Oct. 2004- In Colorado, he was invited for the Metropolitan state college of Denver through the program coordinator Courtney Jennings to lead 7 workshops. He also participated in 4 exhibitions represented by himself and by Wendo Productions. From Nov. 2004 to Dec. 2007- In Florida, he did one group and 7 solo exhibitions which one of them he was presented by ARTSERV. From Dec. 1995 to June 2002- In Recide, in late 1995, he started to transition from Oil to Acrylic paint and Parallel, he started to develop a mixed media technique, assemblage collage, which incorporated material such as Tree Bark, Coconut Fiber, Sand, Nails, etc. into his paintings, resulting his first solo exhibition in 1998, called Recycle Art. This inclusion of natural raw elements lent his art a unique character and he kept evolving this technique when he relized that by gluing strings on canvas, he could delineate implied sense figure. This new experiment resulted in his 4th solo exhibition in 2002, called "Interlineation". During that period Newton Rocha held 15 exhibitions. From Jan. 1994 to Nov. 1995- He was reaching students from the Metropolitan State School of Rio de Janeiro on "How to Recycle to Become an Art". From Aug. 1998 to Dec. 1993- In Recife, he spent most of his time in Solitude, as he developed and mature his paintings skills and technique. He experimented with different themes, styles and materials such as charcoal, dry and oil pastel, watercolor, enamel, oil and acrylic paint. Newton Rocha started his career in 1985, following in the footsteps of his brother Bilson Rocha, also an accomplished Painter. In 1987, he showed his first oil on wood. It was a surrealistic piece influenced by Salvador Dali and Wandeckson Wanderley, his mentor.

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    The Black Butterfly Found The Black Flower

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