A Fearless Brother Project Presents: Realistic Neglects - A Graphic Series By Akibang

Monroe O'Bryant's avatar Monroe O'Bryant

Realistic Neglects is based off the 2012-13 murders of Grand Rapids MI, The Latrice Maze disappearance, Evonna Galloway murder, Human Trafficking, and many forms of gang violence in the African American community. My Heart Goes to all who has lost a love one, due any form of violence. At the time, I felt nothing was being done to help change the community, which made me angry, so I vented thru my photography. With help of like-minded people, we created a series, which took two years to make. The results led to major impact in the communities, has expanded to other galleries in West Michigan and have I developed strong bond with many since then. We are more family then friends. Now It's time for Artprize to see it!! So Get ready!! WARNING!! this series is extremely graphic, and unapologetic art, and viewers discretion is advised 18 and up please. I guarantee, this series will touch you. Monroe A. O'Bryant aka Akibang { Head Photographer} A Fearless Brother Project

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: N/a
  • Medium: Photographs
  • Width: Ranges from 24 inches to( 8inches are Mounted photos only)
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: Ranges from 18 inches to (4 inches are mounted photos only )