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Molly Axe

Jenison, MI, United States

I LOVE ART! I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. While growing up in New York, my parents used to let me create large works of art in pastels on my bedroom walls and they are still there today! Inspiration for the art I create comes in many forms - the passion I have seen through a variety of people I have met, those in passing, ones who influence my everyday life, my amazing clients, enjoying as well as admiring my everyday surroundings, thoughts, and much more. The pieces I create are all One-of-a-Kind Designs which are created to reflect my clients style or the art will develop from ideas that flow as I put the medium on the canvas or sketchpad. I'm dabble in all mediums, including sculpture, which allows me to create and explore anything my heart or my client's heart desires. It could be an abstract painting, or an animal, or a landscape piece, or a sketch of person or anything! Let's explore the ideas! I love art and design so much I left Corporate America (which is what brought me to the Grand Rapids Area 14.5 years ago) to jump into my passion for art creating a business I am absolutely I love with and I haven't been happier! Not only do I have the most amazing clients, for me it's truly an honor to design and work with each of them. The art I create is inspired by each one of them, I create art that truly reflects who they are. There is one person who inspires me everyday, my son Andrew. He inspires me in so many ways and truly supports what I do. He has passion, confidence, and drive inside him and he knows the passion I have for my clients and what I do everyday. I absolutely LOVE what I do! As far as ArtPrize 8 - I wouldn't have applied or created "Deep Within" without a special conversation with my son asking him why I should apply this year: "Mom, you have to do ArtPrize. I'm so proud of you and all you do. Plus I get to tell everyone I know that my mom is in ArtPrize. Besides, you love it!" Well...that's one BIG reason why I love art and ArtPrize - what it inspires in all of us.

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