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Photo of Michelle Graznak

Michelle Graznak

Farmington Hills, MI, United States

Michelle received her formal art training at Eastern Michigan University, earning a BFA with concentrations in Drawing, Jewelry and Photography and an MFA at Concordia University, Montreal in Photography. She holds Teaching Certifications in Michigan, Texas and New Mexico. As an art educator, she has continually taught herself new mediums and techniques. The conceptual direction of her work has been driven by these explorations of materials . Michelle's primary medium was photography for many years but recently she has been mastering technical skills in Encaustic Painting and Sculpture. Throughout her career, she has created installations, drawings, paintings and photography depicting socio-political issues, usually about mental health, spiritual life and community. For two decades Michelle was a guardian and care-taker for her schizophrenic brother and for her father as he developed dementia. She took on these roles while raising a son as a single mom and teaching full time. The intensity of that care-taking period profoundly impacted the content her work, often reflecting and commenting on conditions in humanity. The images of past work, provided below depict an installation she created and exhibited in three shows during 2019-2020. This installation named, "A Natural Language Search" was a collection of US laws from 1640 to 2019 that shaped an American concept of race and rights. Each law title was laser cut from cotton fabric and rough-sewn back into the panel from which it was cut. A projection of a bald eagle with natural sounds overlay the 7' x 14' panel. The piece is accompanied by an informative web-site: http://bit.ly/nlsmiki

Michelle's ArtPrize Entries

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Michelle's Past Work

These are images of past work that Michelle has done.

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