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Michael Collins

Adrian, MI, United States

Michael Collins is an American artist, born and raised in Michigan, the middle child in a family of ten. His artistic tendency was evident from an early age and nurtured by his mother, a schoolteacher, who was fond of trips to museums and exposing her children to all things new and wonderful. Michael grew up a youth at play in the fields and woods of the mid-century American Midwest, as well as its 1970’s psychedelic cultural milieu. The Collins family’s penchant for horizon-expanding road trips, planted seeds of a larger world to be explored. At 17, Michael set out to California. There he circulated in the Santa Monica and Venice Beach social scenes, taking in a new Southern California aesthetic both visual and cultural. Moving on after some years, and back to wide-open spaces, Michael absorbed the depth and colors of Northern Arizona’s mountainous austere spaces of rock, pine, high altitude and brilliant hues of its sun drenched skies. Coming around full circle, the call of Home beckoned to Michael. With his wife and childhood sweetheart Linda, he set out to start his own family of four children in the same hometown that he once knew. The demands of raising a family being ever- present, Michael through the years kept his art alive – always producing - and has built an impressive body of work with corresponding periods of influence from his sojourns in Europe, Asia and the Far East. Michael’s artistic range spans 1970’s youth-informed abstract and surreal, all the way through his renditions of 19 th century Impressionism. The color palette of Michigan’s natural setting infuses his landscapes with bold thick strokes of dramatic greens, swirling blue skies, and harvest yellows. His more abstract and surreal works are full of capricious whimsy, cubist tendencies and deep hidden figures that conjure projections from the mind of the viewer. Michael has continued to refresh his aesthetic sensibilities over the years with journeys to far off places like the desert and coastal regions of Rajasthan and Goa in India; Biblical regions of the Middle East in Jordan; the jungle and island habitats of Thailand and Cambodia; the Buddhistic monastery landscapes of Burma; as well as the great high culture and contemporary centers of Europe in France and Spain - even a run with the Bulls in Pamplona and a brush with the avant-garde in Ibiza. Michael lives in Michigan with his wife Linda, where he continues to create his Art. He is surrounded by, enjoys - and is immensely enjoyed by - all the family and friends who know him and his very unique brand of humor and affability.

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