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Meochia Thompson

Kentwood, MI, United States

My name is Meochia Nochi Thompson, I am the host of Life Chats on Magic 104.9FM in Grand Rapids, MI, as well as an author, marketing consultant and the Publisher of Blessed Pen Ink. I also lead the Real Women's Ministry at Kentwood Community Church and run a mentoring program for girls ages 11-College age. My husband is a pastor and we have 5 children that range from ages 7 to 24. I love to cook, write poetry and create! I have always had a heart for hugging but 4 years ago I decided to take it to the streets and hug the life into people. I asked God what to do with my gift and He gave me to hug on purpose with purpose. I use a portion of the proceeds for my hugger t-shirts for charities and I encourage people to hug for love, healing and hope. HUGs are a great way to bring people together. They not only change lives and communities, they affect the entire atmosphere. I want each person who walks away with a hug to feel valued and know they are loved. The current photo of my entry is a miniature of what I am actually building, which is a Safe Space stage for HUGs. It will be round in the shape of a hug and bright like how I hope everyone feels who participates.

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    HUG Help Uplift Goodness

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Meochia Thompson
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