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Photo of Melinda Kellenberger

Melinda Kellenberger

Dothan, AL, United States

I've lived my whole life in Southeast Alabama. Had 4 children that are all grown and flown the nest.. I've been self supported since the age of 15 and loved drawing, art and COLOR since I can remember! I have a BS in fine art, managed an art gallery for an independent artist, Jack C Deloney for 14 years and have been self employed for almost 21 years. I primarily paint in "diluted and modified acrylics" plus some oil and love to add mixed media anywhere from other pigments to 3 D material. Initially I did lots of faux finishing, gilding, cabinets, teaching art, etc. forever but prayed I'd be doing studio art as my goal.. and here I am today.. thankful for the prior experience with the other as it has opened many doors of imagination! My paintings have really taken off in the past 3 years with 75% of my work now being commissioned art. I don't do many street shows but have private showings all along. I still enjoy the other stuff but happy in the place I am now and ready to expand! I've been blessed and am grateful for the many opportunities afforded to me. My goal is to add happiness and insight to all my viewers and clientele.. and for God to use me as He sees fit.. Btw, I started yoga 4 years ago and it's almost totally transformed me, INCLUDING my art. I love constantly exploring, learning new techniques and material and applying it for "happy mistakes".. I'm fortunate to have my own studio detached from my 113 year old house and that's where I spend all my time.. my hobby is my art and my art is my life. I've studied under many artists but the most "credible" was Nall Hollis who was an apprentice to Salvador Dali. I'm excited to be participating in Art Prize.. going out on a limb on this one. Namaste

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    Meanings of Life..Stepping Stones

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Melinda Kellenberger
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