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Photo of Matt Jung

Matt Jung

Ada, MI, United States

I grew up in SW Michigan and currently live in Ada, MI with my wife Sarah and my 3 kiddos, Addison (9), Brinley (7), and Grayson (4). I am the co-Founder of Comfort Research, the inventors and marketers of Big Joe and the Fuf Chair. I went to Hope College. It was while I was at Hope College that I started sculpting. I had learned to weld when I was in high school and my early projects were made out of steel and welded together. I then started using wax used for bronze castings with the intent that I would make bronze castings of the sculptures. The wax was slow to work with and fragile. A friend of my then turned me on to sculpting clay and I have been using that since then as it is an easy medium to create in and once you bake it you can sand it, paint it, whatever you choose. I love to create and engineer new things. I have been lucky enough to do that my entire professional career engineering new products, processes, and machines to make awesome products. I started the company with a friend of mine, Chip George, while I was still going to Hope College. While my sculpting activities are not as frequent as they used to be due to family and business passions, I still love to sculpt and have recently gotten my children into it. In 2011 Comfort Research entered Art Prize with the worlds largest bean bag. It was a fun project for our team and we were honored to be part of Art Prize. This year Comfort Research is looking to build a sofa that will extend across the river as part of Art Prize. I am looking to use the mediums that I have discovered and use in our business by taking EPS (we use EPS or expanded poly styrene in our Big Joe bean bags) and taking molded blocks of EPS bead, using a CNC to carve out the shape, and then using a special heavy duty coating like that used in truck bed liners to make it hard and give it color. It will be epic!

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