Photo of Mary Westrate

Mary Westrate

Holland, MI, United States

I was introduced to art early on in my life. My mother and her two sisters were artists and my cousins and I spent many hours over the years drawing, mostly pictures of people. In 2002, my son David took a drawing class at Hope College. I was impressed and excited about his work. At the same time, my mother gave me a picture of a dog that I had drawn as a child. Impressed with that, too, I decided to pursue some sort of art hobby. After a degree in history from Calvin College, a business degree from Hope College and 30 years in the corporate environment, I signed up for a watercolor class. There I learned the basics, like the color wheel, types of brushes, really basic 101 stuff. A year later I joined an acrylic class and then an oil painting class. Since then, I have been painting with a group of other aspiring artists who have become some of my best friends and supporters. My original goal was to paint my beautiful grandchildren. Painting them is my way of loving them. Then I discovered that when you enter the world of painting, you see the creation around you in a completely different way. It’s like your eyes are opened to a new way to view color and texture and light.....You want to paint everything! God’ creation is magnificent! Hopefully I capture just a piece of that beauty on my canvas. Painting God’s creation is my way of loving the creator and giving him honor and glory.

Mary's ArtPrize Entries

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    2016 ArtPrize Entry Mary Westrate
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    2012 ArtPrize Entry West Michigan Fine Art Studio
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