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Mary Marin

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Until I retired in the spring of 2012, I barely picked up a sketchpad, nevermind a paintbrush or pastels. I’d studied art a million years ago at Aquinas College, but along came “real life,” teaching school, raising a family and managing a household. Although I claimed to enjoy doing art, I never found the time to actually DO any. And, I was terrified of COLOR! Now, the kids are grown, the “work” is done, and I’m working harder than ever! Thanks to the instruction I’ve gotten from my wonderful teachers (Ken Cadwallader, Jim Markle, and Larry Blovits) and the encouragement I get from my friends at Grand Valley Artists, I’ve finally gotten around to picking up that paintbrush and just “having at it.” These days, painting is my life! Most every day, you’ll find me painting either at GVA or in my studio and enjoying every minute of it. We are incredibly fortunate here in Grand Rapids to have the Grand Valley Artists organization. I seriously doubt I would have discovered just how much I could love my life if not for GVA. The people, the wealth of talent, and the sense of community—it just fills me up! “Paint what you see.” That’s what Ken Cadwallader always says. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Learning to really see in a new way has given me a greater appreciation for every single thing, whether it be a person’s face, a porcelain vase, or the scenery I am attempting to capture “en plein air.” My world has become much richer in every respect, as I study everything, everywhere, all the time. Thank you for taking the time to view my paintings. I hope you enjoy them! Mary Marin NOTE: You can see more of my work by visiting

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