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Markley Noel

Hickory Corners, MI, United States

I am a maker. Wood is my medium. I have worked with wood my entire life as a builder, fine cabinet maker and carver. My tradition is three generations old. My inspiration was fueled by my grandfather, a pattern maker and sculptor. After I lost my wife to cancer and sold my construction business, I needed a project to help me heal. I was fascinated by the delicate intricate chains my grandfather carved and chose to make a chain. The challenge was to plan how to carve a chain without joints from a single piece of wood. First, I had to find the materials. I needed a 25 foot plank without defects to make the monumental project I planned. I cut, milled and cured the plank myself. Next, the chain had to be carefully planned and laid out on the plank. I hand carved each link and turn so a continuous chain would eventually emerge from the plank. The project took eight years and over 3,000 hours to complete.

Markley's ArtPrize Entries

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    Chain of Life

    2015 ArtPrize Entry Markley Noel
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