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Photo of Mark Cecil

Mark Cecil

Coral, MI, United States

Not much to tell, I wish I could make something sound interesting about myself. I'm just a guy from Detroit who Moved north of Grand Rapids 35 years ago and I have been driving truck for 30 years. I decided to enter this picture my grandson and I created finger painting on a drawing app on my tablet that turned out to be something pretty nice. I thought maybe I could share it with the whole world and let everyone enjoy it. I would like to say good luck to everyone in artprize. I hope to meet and make a lot of new friends along the way and get the opportunity to enjoy everyones art. Don't be surprised if I vote for one of the other entries. There is so much cool stuff for me to take in. Excuse the pun, but I bet I'll be leaving to go home from Artprize every time "on a happy note".

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    On a happy note

    2021 ArtPrize Entry Mark Cecil
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