Photo of Marcia Boelens Gehl

Marcia Boelens Gehl

East Grand Rapids, MI, United States

When I was around eight years old I spent much of that autumn shucking, polishing and saving buckeyes that had fallen from my neighbor's tree. At one point I gathered a pile of them into a wagon and tried selling to my neighbors, door to door. Oh how I loved me some buckeye. I loved how it looked, felt and smelled. And how easily it warmed in my hand. But my favorite thing about the buckeye was the delightful surprise it was that first time, to find in the yard next door, this sleek round nugget hiding inside its homely shell. My love for photography was captured in much the same way. And just as I once used my hands to free those shiny brown orbs from their hulls, I use the lens of my camera to find and release treasures of light, perspective and unexpected detail, from ordinary places. Bio: I was born in Grand Rapids and grew up exactly one mile (as the crow flies) from the Boardwalk Artprize venue. I attended Coit Elementary, West Middle and Central High School, and spent one year dabbling in Junior College before moving on to Grown Up College. I eventually wound up with a master's degree in Social Work and am currently employed as a school social worker. I am married, the mother of two and bossed daily by the snout of a snooty chocolate lab. **Please note that I fully understand that buckeyes are not indigenous to Michigan. For some reason "horse chestnut" doesn't have the same ring.** ABOUT MY ENTRY: This is a photograph of the CSX Railroad swivel bridge, taken from the Wealthy Street bridge in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the background are several bridges and overpasses including U.S. 131, I-196 and our (nearly) famous pedestrian walkway, known as The Blue Bridge. Size is 20 x 30 inches, printed on metal texture paper.

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