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Photo of Mahin Tiani Khiabani

Mahin Tiani Khiabani

Toronto, ON, Canada

I am Mahin Tiani Khiabani. I was born on 23 August 1967, when my mother came to Tabriz for visiting. I grew up in Tehran in an art-loving family and with many ups and downs until I became fascinated by the art of painting. Although I was an outstanding student in the field of natural science, I participated in the art entrance exam and became an industrial designer. Yet, because of Cultural Revolution in Iran and my father's death, I could not continue my education. Spontaneously, I first started with miniature and then I was trained by many professors that the most prominent and important of them were Abbas Katouzian and Manouchehr Motabar but I got the most impact from Mohammad Roohi (a trained professor in France) and learned so much from him. Meanwhile, I took part in the courses of Jahad Daneshgahi and Cavendish College of England at the Paya Institute, and could achieve several certificates and diploma with high grades and average. I was a member of young group and I took the diploma of honor ( in color pencil) at art exhibitions and participated in several group and individual exhibitions, as well. I have a lot of experience in working with colored pencil and oil paint, especially in Alla Prima and Impasto techniques. I am an environmentalist and fond of realism and abstraction. In 1992, I had a very successful marriage, which resulted in two daughters. Artistic records Amateur - Summer 1981: Starting art activities by attending Mansour Vafaei’s painting classes. - 1986: Participating in national entrance exam for university in 1986-87 in the field of art and being admitted in industrial design major. But I could not study due to my father's death in the same year. - Miniature painting by using available resources and free methods. Professional - Participating in Ms. Taghavi’s painting classes, a graduate of art from Italy since 1990, and acquiring skills in colored pencil painting. - Holding a colored pencil painting exhibition with some of Ms.Taghavi's students in the conference hall of residential tower that was really welcomed. - I was honored at the first exhibition of experimental paintings held by the arts department, which won my diploma. - Participating in the first exhibition of experimental paintings held by art organization and winning Diploma of Honor. - Membership in several art groups, including the art organization young group. - Participating in several art exhibitions - Participating in CLS drawing courses of Jahad Daneshgahi of Tehran University - Participating in Professor Abbas Katouzian’s classes from 1993 to next several years (until his death), introduced by the Museum of Contemporary Art and gaining so many skills in oil painting. - Participating in Manouchehr Motabar’s classes from 2001 and gaining skills in drawing, perspective and volume. - Since 2005, I have been taking part in the Kavendish College Painting and drawing classes at Paya Institute, and obtained several certificates from this college. Finally, in 2007, I received a diploma in painting from this college. - Participating in Professor Sedghdar's classes - Participating in Professor Roohi’s classes (graduated from France) - Teaching drawing and painting courses - Cooperating with private groups of internal architecture - Cooperating with Atlas Poud company - Participating in the group exhibition of Nidra Art in Paris, France, called “Les Revez Non Cibles” in May, 2018 - Participating in the group exhibition of Nidra Ar Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, called “Self Discovery”, in 2018

Mahin's ArtPrize Entries

These are Mahin's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.

  • Photo of The last bird in a rainy twilight

    The last bird in a rainy twilight

    2018 ArtPrize Entry Mahin Tiani Khiabani
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Mahin's Past Work

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  • Mahin's past work
  • Mahin's past work