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Lucas Spivey

Boston, MA, United States

Lucas Spivey is a BFA/MBA hybrid, a serial entrepreneur, and the son-of-a-drifter. He travels 10,000 miles every year in the Mobile Incubator, meeting with thousands of artists, performers, writers, designers, architects, chefs, makers, and other cultural producers. Born in MN, raised in rural WI, AK, SC and GA, and living between WA and MA, Lucas’ mission is to meet every artist in America and cross pollinate their stories of personal and professional growth. A cultural and economic theorist, Lucas believes we are in a moment where creatives could become the next middle class. Lucas is the star of an upcoming feature length documentary on the next generation of creative entrepreneurship due in 2019. He's pitching a follow up docu-series on unique arts business models in all 50 states. Lucas is a Founding Partner in the consultancy Services Invisible; Producer of the Culture Hustlers podcast and exhibition series; and the Founding Director of 17 Cox, an experimental arts center. Lucas received his MBA in Finance and his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and Art History. In 2014, he published a "Basic Artist Business Plan" that has been used over 50,000 times. He has developed experiential education on art & business for MIT, Harvard, Montserrat College of Art, Ringling College, Boston Center for the Arts, Florida International University, University of Washington, Endicott College, New Hampshire Art Institute, the Arts & Business Councils, and other institutions.

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