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Photo of Lori Jo Acre

Lori Jo Acre

Rogers City, MI, United States

I am a newly retired teacher. I have just recently moved from smack dab in the middle of Michigan to the shores of Lake Huron in the lovely town of Rogers City. While I spent a career sneaking art into my students' daily lessons, I dreamed of the time when I could devote my days to art. That time has finally come and I find inspiration from the shores I walk nearly every day. When I walk the beaches, I may spy just a bit of driftwood that looks like a knee. From that found piece my mind then sets off on the creative path of putting that piece together with another bit gathered from the beach. Each sculpture portrays a bit of whimsy. I hope each one expresses my path of living a joyful life.

Lori Jo's ArtPrize Entries

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