Something Old Something New

Lisa Williamson's avatar Lisa Williamson

My work is about the trauma that takes place when identity is ripped away through uncontrollable circumstances. I use the symbol of houses to depict my personal narrative, but feel this is a story that can connect with many others. The houses are constructed of woven aluminum wire and covered with pig intestines. The pig intestines were used in medicine to suture wounds, and are used in this piece to suture a broken home. The house undergoes a harsh chemical treatment in an ammonia fume chamber that causes the metal to oxidize thus creating strength through a harsh process. The foundations of the houses are concrete with my wedding dress used as a binder to signify the role that the woman often plays in trying to keep a home together when forces outside of the home, such as a tornado in this case, could tear it apart. The baby blankets are over the windows to protect what is important inside. The nature of this installation is that it grows into the space it is given.

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