Photo of Lisa Mull

Lisa Mull

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

We strive to be happy, understood, accepted, and to find meaning in existence. How we deal with these life challenges becomes part of who we are and extends into our work. People often don't like to look inward, much less share what they find with others. But, by taking this risk, we find our strength and we also can validate and empower others... My art is an expression of my experience; as a female, an outsider, an introvert, a nonconformist. My art is also heavily inspired by my work as a psychologist. I like to show people and animals in my work as relatable characters to express themes of emotions, mental health, identity, social expectations, and fantasy... I'm from Grand Rapids. My paintings, illustrations, and linocut prints have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries across Michigan. Please visit my website:

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