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Kunal Sen

Chicago, IL, United States

I lead a dual life. On one hand I am trained as a scientist and a technologist. But I also make art. I never felt there is a big difference between how, as a scientist, I understood the world around me, and how I perceive my world artistically -- just two different viewpoints, complimenting each other. We are living in a very exciting time, where with every passing day, we are witnessing more holes to appear in the walls that separate art, science, and philosophy. In the scientific front we have started to understand the biology of aesthetics and the physics of philosophy. Technologies around us are making the line between real and virtual very fuzzy. I use my interactions with technology, my understanding of science, my relationship with art, and the perceptions of my personal life. As tools and as medium I use all the skills available to me -- painting, sculptures, electronics, video, and computers.

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