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Photo of Konstantin Savchenko

Konstantin Savchenko

West Bloomfield Township, MI, United States

Renowned Ukrainian artist, Konstantin Savchenko, was born on January 9th, 1968 in the Ukrainian town of Slaviansk to the family of the remarkable painter Yuri Savchenko, whose creative aura has surrounded Konstantin from his early childhood. His father’s work and passion for painting became a bright example to young Konstantin and constituted the basis of his creative route. Konstantin is a contemporary Urban Impressionist who utilizes strong texture and deft color mixing to create palpable landscapes, seascapes and still life paintings. In his youth, frequent participation in numerous exhibitions while studying at the Kharkov Artistic School and the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute gave him the opportunity to acquire creativity and develop his artistic style. Travel and family are sources of great artistic inspiration for Konstantin. His quest for subject matter does not originate from seeking new landscapes, but from seeing the world with new eyes. It can be surmised that he paints moments, not places. Savchenko is an artist that sees the beauty of the physical world, but ultimately strives to paint the experience of being in a special place, at a special time. Konstantin’s artworks are both expressive and intimate, an open view into the world as he sees and feels it. Painting is an emotional and even visceral process for the artist, best articulated through his impasto technique of painting directly to the canvas with a palette knife, and manifested in an aesthetic that has gained him recognition on an international level. Konstantin is a wonderful colorist; he finds the finest color solutions with taste and measure. In each landscape, seascape, and still life; in his composition on the canvas; in the modeling of the form in colors; in everything that the hand of the artist touched, a deep feeling is present. The nuances of color and composition help to read the essential vivid order of the paintings and allow access to the internal meaning of the artist’s idea. His use of optical mixing in combination with his thick application of paint results in compositions that are rich with texture–both visual and tactile. It is this quality that gives clients the impression of owning multiple artworks in one piece, for his compositions are created as illusions of color and light; they are simultaneously abstract and representational. Needless to say, you will never tire of looking at his work, which has been called a “feast for the eyes” by viewers. Since 1988, he has been actively involved in many national and international exhibitions as well as a member of several artist guilds including the National Union of Artists of Ukraine in 1999 and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in 2011. Konstantin currently lives in the Ukraine with his family and continues to paint while working as an art director and instructor at the Kharkov Art College.

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