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Photo of Kim Marie

Kim Marie

Rochester, MI, United States

KIM MARIE | SHAPE SHIFTER Kim Marie’s life has always been about change. She has been a deputy sherriff, a firefighter, a factory worker, and a business woman. Her path has been winding and unexpected. But she has followed the path she believes was hers and hers alone. She is a deliberate shape shifter. Kim’s vision is to shape the world and assist people to shift into their purpose. Through the art of film, Kim reaches many by enter- taining them and educating them about the world’s mysterious gifts. Taking something that can be negative, finding the power in it and expanding on that, Kim employs shape shifting from the inside out. Her deep inner reflections—prayers or meditations—provide fuel for her vision to impact many lives. With the debut of her film Urban Myths, Kim reaches through time and brings tribal stories to the screen. In the struggle to balance the wolf of darkness and the wolf of light, the question is … which wolf do you feed? The one that serves your mission. Like every one of us, Kim has experienced the challenges and struggles of everyday life. Kim’s work brings light to these dark places. By keeping her focus and upholding her commitment, she raises herself up into success. There is a modality in her work where art meets commerce meets philanthropy and propels her purpose-driven personal mission. On her love for the art of film, Kim shares, “There is no greater industry to touch lives, you can reach 100-1000 homes at once to raise awareness and support for charity, and spread a message of light.” Urban Myths premieres beginning September 2017. Catch the show. UrbanMythsMovie.com #JoinTheTribe. http://mirrordogproductions.com/about-us-2/

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