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Khalilah Yvonne

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

There are many definitions of an Artist. Learning what an artist does, made me aware of who I am; A person who creates art. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I developed a natural love and appreciation for art at a young age. Performance art was where the seed of my artistic journey was planted. Performing in a hosts of school talent shows, singing, dancing, plays, and poetry, became an outlet for me to express myself. I used this as a platform to reveal a hidden secret that was affecting me through my youthful years, and shortly after my silence was broken. In middle school my eye for drawing was then recognized by a school art teacher. His request was that I use my skills to create the banner for my graduation ceremony. This was where I gained my confidence and accepted the responsibility as an Artist. I have been a self taught photographer for infinity. Although I enjoy capturing wildlife, street, and documentary. I am strong with conceptual/fine art. Images that tell a story from the creation of thought, experiences, and most of all emotion. I have been a strong youth advocate for years. Mentoring for Wyoming public schools, foster parenting, and working with Mentally Ill youth for a number of years. These experiences are what gives me strength through my photography. My goal is to reach a youthful voice everyday to inspire them to break there silence, through Art. There are a number of children walking in silence carrying the weight of trauma, abuse, neglect, and the unknown. These children wear a mask daily and want to be heard, but first must learn to trust. I was and still am that child. I hope my message through art can and will be seen and heard from the thousands of youth walking in Silence. This is my story, and the voices of many. Lets Break the silence!

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  • Photo of Khalilah Yvonne Presents: Silence Broken

    Khalilah Yvonne Presents: Silence Broken

    2017 ArtPrize Entry Khalilah Yvonne
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