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Photo of Kevin Catrell

Kevin Catrell

Leroy, MI, United States

I always knew I could do something great... just never knew what it would be until I had this dream one night and could NOT fall back asleep until I sketched the idea. I started to relearn how to paint (after years) learning how to paint humans at all, the very next day. If you look close enough, you can tell where I started and where I finished. I am a married man. I have a beautifuland supportive wife that allowed me the opportunity to complete this, through to our marriage, and into our lives together. We have two beautiful girls and a very handsome boy (9, 3, 1). I have served in the military for 16 years now, have a strong sense of personal freedom and am secure in what it means for me. This is a mural of epic proportions... maybe not literally, but it is (at one time) beyond anything I could have ever seen myself creating. Overnight I knew what I had to do, I had a goal, something to strive for and achieve... and I managed to finish that. When I think about what that means, to have actually completed this epic project... I am proud. In different ways I have tried to "get this out there", even if only for it to reach those that need to see it. Those with a feeling of loss for a tear in the fabric between their beliefs and their heart, or the love of someone they, themselves, love. If you find yourself in that position... in any way... I hope this reaches you well. For those that do not understand, or refuse to even try, I apologize. My depiction of those individuals on the right side does not do the demons (from the actual dream) justice... I did not have it in myself to even try. I think, perhaps, we all have our own way to go about our reasoning. I do not really have past work. Nothing before THIS (literally) for roughly 12 years... and nothing before that beyond a hobby. If I said I had painted more than ONE thing, it would be true... but in my mind, I’ve only TRULY painted ONE thing. This.

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